scraps_junia (scraps_junia) wrote,

a dump, a sketch dump. barely.

togainu, ff7, tactics ogre, shiki. ....
and minecraft (mostly drawn by panjapanja C:!!!!)


i want dissidia 012 seph/cloud to be... this kind of thing

i'm not very far into tactics ogre: lettuce cling together yet but
i wish vyce would hurry up and betray me so we can get on with the best-friend-turned evil action. COME ON JUST DO IT I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO

open your mouth boy
show me what you got

sorry i know no one gives a shit about this show but i can't stop drawing them

OKAY THIS IS ACTUALLY panjapanja'S DRAWINGS all except the group shot in the lower right BUT I LOVE THEM SO I'M POSTING THEM HERE TOO !!! also was too lazy to re-upload with just mine.........
hahaha anime minecraft i just. my minecraft character = my thesis film's character because he's a miner too. so i already KNOW he's an anime.
Tags: ff7, minecraft, shiki, tactics ogre, togainu no chi
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