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spend halloween at the ghost hotel

this is as good as they get but there are a few more sketches under the cut!

i really wanted to draw bizarro seph but realized i only wanted to draw the part that still kind of looks like sephiroth.

i got the black materia bug again. wasn't sure if i should post this here but it's not really a secret that i'm creepy. might redraw/color this later;;;

i just learned how to kind of draw torsos recently and i've been practicing
a lot

made for tallon_v. uh i guess this would be better if leon was dangling from something

uh panjapanja completely forced me to draw this. it was an experiment in leon's hotness vs struggling ratio dynamics and me vs inability to draw kittens statistic gathering

president and vice president of UFO catcher industries
it's been a long long time since i last drew gauze (or paid for my ragnarok online account) and in that time it seems gauze has started his own company..! but the economy is even worse in RO, so he wears a weary expression. or, i assume that's why he wears a weary expression. you should get some rest, gauze!

if you want kingdom hearts doodles and are inexcusably not a member there already, there are some gag pics of mine over at used_potoin here and here
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