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cloud family map time

(i was mad that real AC only used one FF7 bg that i could discern in the photos so i fixed it)

There is SO MUCH fanart i want to do just from tifa gaiden (curiously none of it involves tifa) but with how long it takes me to do anything i'm lucky i did even one

IF YOU HAVEN'T READ CASE OF TIFA and care about pre-advent children canon DO IT IT HAS SO MANY ~PRECIOUS MOMENTS~ except for when tifa makes it awkward for everyone

Here: Case of Tifa at

"Cloud had a map spread out on the table. He always made sure to check the routes that he intended to use to make deliveries the next day. Denzel and Marlene were sorting out the slips. When there were any words that Marlene couldn’t read, she asked Denzel. Denzel would then teach Marlene like an older brother. When there were words that even Denzel couldn’t read, he would ask Cloud. Cloud had the habit of handing them a pen after telling them how to read them. He said that if they couldn’t write it, then they wouldn’t be able to remember it. Looking at the names of places on the slips, the children asked Cloud what they were like. Cloud’s descriptions were simple. There are lots of people. There are very little people. There’s lots of monsters so it’s dangerous. Taking the north route is safer. They were descriptions that would make you ask, “is that all?” but the children seemed satisfied. Soon, Tifa wanted to talk too. When she added in more detail, Denzel would ask Cloud if it was true. It annoyed Tifa a little, but she also thought it was all right. That’s probably what normal families were like."

there are lots of monsters so its dangerous

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